An Introduction to Shymkent, Kazakhstan

This simple page is all about Shymkent, a rather nice city is Southern Kazakhstan. The following things are important to note about Shymkent:

Shymkent is generally pronounced "Shymkent".
Shymkent can also be written as "Shimkent", "Chimkent", "Cimkent" or "Simkent". All of these are wrong, because it should actually be written "Шымкент".
The majority of people in Shymkent are generally pleasant and friendly. Those who are not, are generally not from Shymkent.

Links for more information about Shymkent

The following links may contain more information about Shymkent, however it will be necessary to learn to read Russian or Kazakh prior to reading.

For more information again, please consult the all wise

OK, without a doubt the best resource for people thinking of travelling to Shymkent or the south of Kazakhstan is:

It features Turkistan (really quite a famous place) and the Aksu-Jabagly National Park, which are essentail places for any visitor. It also contains the first truely comprehensive list of hotels, including their prices which seem to be quite accurate. Having been to Shymkent, I would agree with the many positive things this site has to say! Have a jolly good read!

Still hungry for more? Visit which is a Russian language site about the city. However, it's always worth take a look at the pictures. See "Фотогалерея", or Fotogalerea, which you can probably work out is the photo gallery.

Links for learning the Russian language

The following sites might prove useful:

Both the Pimsuler and the Rosetta Stone Russian courses are good. You could always buy a book - those Cyrillic squiggles do actually mean something. Learning the lingo is extreamly rewarding.

Sold yet?

It's not the most popular holiday hotspot, but it has culture, history, nature, great people and, compared to the UK and most of Europe, is extremely affordable (don't like the word cheap - it implies poor quality, which is certainly not the case).

A word of warning: people in the office look at you odd when you say "I'm going to Kazakhstan for my holiday". It's quite an experience and one not worth missing.

British Airways have flights there, but to fly direct to Shymkent (at less cost) go via Moscow with Transaero.




A statue in the city of Shymkent. They also like their water features and fountains, which are quite impressive

Parks are pleasant and plentiful - they come alive after nightfall

The Clara Centre Sapar hotel in Shymkent is a good standard, friendly and afordable place to stay

OK, keep an eye here... I'm visiting Shymkent again soon, so there will be more pictures!

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